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European Parliament in favor of increasing the THC limit

On October 23, MEPs backed by a majority the motion to increase the allowable limit of psychoactive THC in industrial hemp crops from the current level of 0.2% to 0.3% by weight.

The request appeared in the deliberations of the Parliament due to long-lasting pressure from EIHA (European Industrial Hemp Association – European Industrial Hemp Association) on this matter.

It is worth noting that the allowed THC limit in cannabis in 1984 was as much as 0.5%! In the following decades, due to the tightening of drug policy by most countries of the world, it was reduced to the current level of 0.2% of the plant weight. This limit is very strict and not easy for farmers to keep when growing legal Cannabis Sativa L. Due to the recent vote, this may change.

“This is a historic moment for our industry, for farmers, for a green future and for all Europeans,” said Daniel Krause, EIHA President, after the vote.

For the average user, the increase in the mentioned limit will not be felt, due to the very low content (unnoticeable by the human body) of THC in ready-made hemp products. This event, however, has a huge impact on the development of the entire hemp industry, and thus – an increase in competitiveness on global markets, expansion of the range of products and improvement of their quality, which will certainly be noticed by consumers.

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