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France will subsidize cannabis medicines

Despite the rather restrictive French government policy on marijuana – recreational “weed” has been illegal since 1970, They plan to implement a pioneering global program of reimbursement of medicinal products derived from medical marijuana.

The first reimbursed prescriptions are to start being issued in March 2021. The French call this an “experiment” and it is expected to last 2 years from its start.

The French equivalent of the Ministry of Health is responsible for the implementation of the project. According to the statement by prof. Nicolas Authier (member of the French agency for the safety of medical products) not only dried hemp preparations, but also “other hemp-based products” are to be reimbursed.

Interestingly, France also provided a free training program aimed at doctors and pharmacists, aimed at educating medical staff in the field of cannabis medicine.

It remains to be hoped that the trend of supporting cannabis treatment and its reimbursement will soon extend to other European Union countries.

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